Aluminum cases - adventure all inclusive

Aluminum cases are extremely robust, highly practical and look pretty good, too. Long gone are the days when only adventure-seeking travelers decided to go with this type of luggage transportation on motorcycles.

The advent of the travel enduro revolutionized the way in which motorcyclists discovered the world. Real off-road capabilities combined with more than useful long-distance features suddenly made it possible to reach the far-off, secluded regions of this plant without demanding superhuman efforts. It is certainly no exaggeration when one speaks of a downright movement of enduro travelers which started at the end of the 70‘s, early 80‘s, with the advent of legendary models such as the Yamaha XT 500 and soon later the BMW R 80 G/S.

The new class of motorcycles allowed higher speeds in difficult terrain, large tanks provided a huge range in distance in areas without provisions. All these factors made it necessary to completely rethink the subject of luggage. The conventional plastic cases were neither able to withstand a longer trip away from paved roads in terms of robustness, nor were they able to offer adequate volume for provisions, spare parts and luggage for the new-found growing autonomy of motorcycles.

The only (affordable) material offering the required strength at a justifiable weight, was aluminum. Professional expeditions have already been using containers made of this versatile light-weight material for prolonged periods, however, these boxes had dimensions which were totally unsuitable for use with motorcycles.

Traveling motorcyclists of this generation received no support at all from the accessory industry. So it is not surprising that construction drawings for making aluminum cases were traded as eagerly at the various meetings as new routes through Central Sahara.

Depending on the craftsmanship and imagination of the designer, these early self-made aluminum boxes resulted in some curious designs, many of them not even surviving the first part of the trip on the motorways. As part of the natural selection process, central criteria evolved which still apply in principle to today‘s aluminum cases as being suitable for practice. This includes a more or less cube-shaped form to give optimal utilization of the interior, as well as a tight-sealing lid. The robust exterior skin also had to survive hefty impact, as well as allowing repairs with basic means en route. And last not least, mounting to the carrier should not become loose, even after thousands of kilometers of riding tracks.,Water-proof and indestructible high quality aluminum cases with comfortable handling and unbeatable diversity are the perfect companions for all manner of motorcycle travelers.



Perfection in aluminum – Touratech Zega

Touratech has pooled its know-how from three decades pf travel experience to create the most innovative luggage system for motorcycles. The aluminum cases of the Zega family and its three product ranges represent a unique synthesis of functionality, durability and design.

The travel professionals at Touratech have experienced the evolution of the aluminum case from close up and have been instrumental in its design for a good two decades. Not only does the functionality and design of the Zega cases reflect own travel experience over thousands of kilometers, the input of countless motorcycle adventurers traveling the tracks of this world with the aluminum boxes from Niedereschach, all add to the continuous improvement of these high-end cases. Maximum robustness, practicability under a host of conditions and a timeless, elegant look are distinguish the Zega cases from Touratech.

The material used for the case body is 1.5 mm thick aluminum sheeting. The alloy, which was developed specifically for Touratech, offers highest strength values. State-of-the-art processing centers with computer-guided tool machines are used for cutting, shaping and joining at smallest tolerances. These technologies, some of which are exclusive to Touratech, guarantee the precision required to give maximum reliability.
Specially drawn profiles according to Touratech specifications not only give the body and lid impressive stiffness, but also ensure that the Zega cases are dust and waterproof (IP54). The robustness of these Touratech aluminum cases not only makes them popular as indestructible companions on track roads. In urban areas, too, the lockable boxes have proven to be a safe storage compartment for a variety of luggage pieces and even helmets.

In addition, the Zega cases are designed as top loaders and can be loaded with unbeatable simplicity. As needed, the lid can be removed completely or flipped open at the front or back. High quality fittings and numerous smart details ensure maximum user comfort.

Touratech has developed a substantial range of accessories to accompany the Zega cases. Holders for additional canisters, bottles or first-aid kits are available, as are grips and loops, complete camping sets or high-quality textile bags and interior fittings.
And even the case is amazingly versatile in its use: as table, stepladder, mounting support - the spectrum of uses of the indestructible boxes is only really limited by the creativity of the use.

Depending on the requirements and space available on the vehicle, the cases of the Zega, Mundo, Zega Pro and Zega Pro2 series are available in different sizes. In addition, the Pro designs offer a choice between a natural aluminum look and two more refined variants with galvanized surfaces in silver or black.
Touratech Zega cases are mounted easily and securely for travel on tracks to indestructible model-specific stainless steel carriers using a thousand-fold proven mounting system. Even greater comfort is provided by single-hand operation and exclusive to the Zega Pro2 system.

Touratech Zega aluminum cases - optimized quality for individual motorcycling adventure over millions of kilometers.


The next step in evolution!

After Zega and Zega Pro, we have now developed the Zega Pro2. Based on the Zega Pro, its excellent properties have all been retained, but many details have also been significantly improved.

The Zega Pro2 shines with its improved profile for even better operation, a carrying handle as standard and optimised ventilation.
Above all, though, the pre-assembled version is an absolute revolution! It is factory-fitted with an entirely new attachment system that combines suitability with maximum ease of use, facilitating single-handed use – you could say it’s “Plug and play” for fully packed aluminium panniers!
There’s a single lever on the outside to operate the mechanism. The lid can stay closed when it is removed from the bike. Pannier on, click – and go!

The innovative construction in resilient stainless steel releases the catch before attachment, which means the Zega Pro2 can also cope with extreme loads.
The supports for the Zega Pro2 accessories holder are also standard fittings on the pre-assembled Zega Pro2 on  both sides of each pannier. They are automatically locked when the lid is closed.

The important features

  • improved seal profile for precise and even easier use
  • carrying handle made of strong harness material as standard, lowered into the handle groove on the pannier lid so no irritation either when sitting or when securing luggage
  • optimised ventilation system for easy opening at high pressure differences, e.g. after going through a tunnel
  • including all the benefits of the award-winning Zega Pro aluminium pannier
  • also available in a lockable version so it can be secured with other Touratech locks

Why Zega Pro2?


  • improved seal profile for precise and even easier use
  • carrying handle made of strong harness material as standard, lowered into the handle groove on the pannier lid so no irritation either when sitting or when securing luggage
  • optimised ventilation system for easy opening at high pressure differences, e.g. after going through a tunnel
  • including all the benefits of the award-winning Zega Pro aluminium pannier
  • also available in a lockable version so it can be secured with other Touratech locks


  • Genuine single-handed use thanks to the pre-assembled mounting system that is fully operated from the outside
  • conveniently positioned release catches, in a protected position between the pannier and seat
  • including pre-assembled supports for all Zega Pro2 accessory holders on both sides of a pannier

The very strong construction in stainless steel and fibreglass-reinforced plastic elements provides absolute stability and reliability even under the toughest conditions. The new fixation system further reinforces the overall pannier system. Zega Pro2 panniers will fit on much Touratech pannier racks. Their special construction offers the option for balancing out any tolerances.


Available in 3 sizes (31, 38, 45 litres) and 3 finishes (natural aluminium, anodised silver “AND-S” and anodised black “AND-black”)

The anodised version of the ZEGA Pro2 doesn‘t just shine in its fabulous natural aluminium look, but also prevents rubbing inside the case. The ultra thick, high quality anodised layer offers very special protection for the surface and helps to prevent discoloration.


Zega Pro: The aluminium pannier made by Touratech

Whether jungle expedition, desert adventure or driving through the continuous rain of central Europe:
Our aluminium ZEGA cases have proved their worth in countless motorbike adventures, even under the most extreme conditions, and shown themselves to be indestructible and reliable companions. And now we are delighted to present ZEGA Pro, the revolutionary development that complements our popular touring panniers. Just as versatile as the ZEGA case, beautifully shaped, strong, and with plenty of accessories, it will fit (with the appropriate mounting sets) almost any rack, and is also available in three different sizes and an anodised version.

The most important features:

  • automatic locking prevents the catches from opening accidentally
  • fitted locks can be replaced or added later without drilling or filing
  • simultaneously locking fitted locks are available at no extra charge; also available with simultaneous locking with navigation brackets and oil plugs



more information about ZEGA Pro

In a modern design and state-of-the-art construction, our developers have come up with a veritable
masterpiece in the ZEGA Pro. Light and yet sturdy, the case is available in a 31, 38 or 45 litre version, made entirely of 1.5-mm aluminium, water- and dust-proof, and manufactured to the highest standards - no way were we going to settle for a basic plastic construction that was simply jazzed up with a few bits of moulded aluminium!
The lid and base of the ZEGA Pro are welded, which achieves the maximum rigidity of the connections, and the base and outer shell have high quality rivets (no cheap studs for us - or you!). You‘ll find no leaky welded seams along the edges.

The anodised version of the ZEGA Pro doesn‘t just shine in its fabulous natural aluminium look, but also prevents rubbing inside the case. The ultra thick, high quality anodised layer offers very special protection for the surface and helps to prevent discoloration.

High quality silicone seals ensure that the contents of this case are protected as well as possible.
The highly robust protective strip along the carcase is screwed on, and so is easily replaced when necessary - perhaps after a fall. The same applies to the strong protective corners on the lid, which comes off completely or can be opened just from one side - the catches double as hinges.

The ZEGA Pro appeals not only for its technology and workmanship, but also for the many clever detail solutions and the modern protected design - the rounded lines of the item really do catch the eye. Thus, for instance, a clever handle can be added to the lid. The four attachment eyes rise only slightly above the surface of the case, so it also makes an ideal seat.

Some of the other benefits of the ZEGA Pro are that it is easy to open to retrieve a luggage roll and our extensive range of accessories; they will even accommodate a helmet - and the 45-l version will even take a big one. Vehicle-specific special systems, e.g. for the BMW R 1200 GS, are also available.
The clever touches of the ZEGA Pro include the ingenious lock system, which is strong and reliable yet easy to operate.

Rapid-Trap für ZEGA Pro und ZEGA Case

The „Rapid Trap adapter“, which can be operated from the outside, is compatible with any ZEGA and ZEGA Pro case. Assembly is as simple as can be. Virtually no storage space in the pannier is used.

The special interior operation makes it possible to take the panniers off even if they are open.
In this case, no key is required.

It also acts as an emergency opening if the exterior mechanism has been damaged after a fall or accident.

For really rough use on off-road tours, you also have the safety of the classic and well-proven locking mechanism, because this need not be taken off!

You will need one “Rapid-Trap-adapter” per pannier!
Rapid Trap adapters are supplied without locks.

Zega Mundo – Back to the roots

The Zega Mundo follows the tradition of the legendary Zega Case. A simple, robust and nicely designed aluminium case that handles all assignments, ranging from everyday to adventure, with flying colors.

The development of the Zega Mundo focused one hundred percent on pure functionality. Practical suitability, robustness and technically clean design are all united in this aluminum case.
To obtain joins with maximum strength, the indestructible body is made of 1.5 mm thick aluminum sheeting and riveted to the base, which is drawn from a single piece of aluminum, with special rivets. This concept conveys the case with a solid plus in terms of rigidity. In addition, the integrated, extra large-dimensioned silicone tape ensures a lifelong waterproof seam. The same applies to the specially formed profile which forms the upper part of the case body. It reinforces the case and the integrated sealing lip, which fits the lid profile with absolute precision, ensures completely waterproof closure.


Important features:

  • technically clean design
  • thousend- fold proven fastening system

more information about ZEGA Mundo

Constructional design and the choice of materials pool the experience of over two decades of adventures and expeditions on the world‘s toughest tracks. The materials can withstand hours and days of vibration on washboard tracks as well as as load peaks when rapidly crossing through bumps. High tensile and penetration strength of the material ensure maximum resistance when encountering obstacles or - in the worst case - taking a fall.

Manufactured in the Niedereschach facility, the Mundo benefits from the advanced technologies which are also applied to the Zega Pro and Zega Pro2 variants. This is where the precision of computer-guided machines and the profound know-how of highly trained skilled employees meet.
Like the other cases of the Zega family, the Mundo is equipped with high quality, lockable stainless steel fittings. These not only allow the complete removal of the lid, they can als serve as hinges, so that the case lid can be opened to the front or rear as required.

The case is secured to the model-specific designed track-proof carriers, made from 18x2 steel tubing, using the thousand-fold proven Touratech system. The large, originally knurled securing nuts in the case interior are now shaped ergonomically in the Mundo to allow even easier handling. Fast mounting and absolutely play-free fit, even after thousands of kilometers on the track, have made this system the first choice in travel to faraway destinations.
But the new Mundo can do a lot more than simply carrying luggage reliably from A to B. The comprehensive Zega range of accessories turns the Mundo into an individual transport system.

The Zega Mundo is available in three sizes ranging from 31, 38 to 45 liters volume. And last not least, the clean esthetics of the Mundo make it a timeless, beautiful piece of European craftsmanship.

Simply clever- The Topcase

In the cities of southern Europe it is virtually part of the scenery - the topcase. Whether scooter, travel enduro or sports machine, there is hardly a two-wheeler on the road without a box on its rear. Whereas the rather flat design required previously by law in Germany and giving the topcase the loving nickname „pizza case“, the southern Europeans have a far more pragmatic attitude to the topcase. Not really surprising, as motorcycles are an everyday means of transportation, in particular for urban dwellers. And there, the topcase as luggage compartment is unbeatable. Just open the lid and stuff everything inside that needs to be stowed. From a head of lettuce to business documents (probably best not to put both in together), you can stow just about anything securely and waterproof. Exactly: also securely. Because a good topcase can be locked. You can leave your helmet and gloves in the vehicle without having a bad conscience, your hands are free for shopping.

And when using a topcase, the vehicle remains nice and passable, just the ticket for a city runabout. And on big tours, this practical box is the perfect complement for the aluminum cases. Everything that is not too heavy and which needs to be accessible quickly can be stowed.

The Zego Pro topcases by Touratech offer the same quality features at the well-established aluminum cases. They are made from 1.5 mm thick aluminum, are water and dustproof as well as being extremely robust. The corners are fitted with plastic reinforcements and the lid is equipped as standard with strap loops for securing additional luggage. Numerous practical Zega Pro accessories, such as inner pockets, lid nets or bottle holders can be used to individualize the topcases. The locks can be matched to fit the aluminum cases and other components, such as as a GPS mounting, for example, to avoid any confusion through numerous keys.

The Zega Pro topcases are available with 25 or 38 liter volume. You can even comfortably stow an integral helmet in the 38 volume variant. Natural aluminum, silver or black galvanized are available as surface treatment. Model-specific topcase carriers assure secure fixing to the motorcycle. An optional variant of the topcase is available with RapidTrap technology and allows particularly easy and fast locking.


The Touratech aluminum cases are far more than just being extremely robust luggage containers. They form the basis for an entire universe of specifically adapted accessories. With the need for only minimal space requirements, the tailor-made Zega accessories offer intelligent solutions for the numerous needs of motorcycle travel. Touratech offers a unique portfolio of accessories for the aluminum cases of the Mundo and Zega lines. To save having to drill unnecessary holes into the elegant case when using various holders for bottles, canisters or first aid kits, Touratech has developed a universal base plate into which the required holders can simply be click-mounted. Odor-intensive substances such as petrol and oil can be transported as external loads using special canister mountings. The same applies to bottles with drinks or the first aid kit which can be attached to the outside of the case and are thus readily accessible. For the transportation of additional luggage, a broad selection of textile bags and nets is available which can be attached to lid or sides of the Zega. Warm clothing, rain gear or useful small items are therefore always in reach quickly.

Options for the interior design of cases also leave nothing to be desired. From waterproof bags via special bags which allow optimal space utilization of the lid, to special solutions such as laptop or tool bags, everything has been taken into account.And once you have arrived at your destination, the Zega cases can fully demonstrate their versatility. Add a cushion and make a seat out of your case, the Zega table turns your aluminum case into a stylish table for an outdoor banquette.

A number of the detailed solutions serve to individualize the boxes: this includes a carrying handle, safety devices for the lids and locks, as well as screw-retained loops for customer-specific transportation needs.
Sticker sets, reflective strips and colored plastic corners make every Zega case distinctive. And, of course, the Zega Pro topcases benefit from many of the described solutions.

Zega Pro2 Accessory Holders

Our new accessory holders have been further developed specifically for the pre-assembled Zega Pro2 aluminium panniers. Innovative solutions and detail improvements figure significantly in the new series.

Zega Pro2 accessory holders attach to the pannier in seconds using the standard attachment points of the pre-assembled Zega Pro2 aluminium pannier. Securing the pannier lock automatically secures the accessory holder. This means there is no need for a push button, and the equipment can remain in the holder. All Zega Pro2 accessory holders come with plastic elements to protect belts.

ZEGA Pro/ Mundo Accessory

We have designed a series with a sensible luggage space expansion for your new ZEGA PRO / MUNDO. This adapter solution can be fitted anywhere on the outside of the case. At the heart of the system is the base plate. This „docking station“ is appropriate and necessary for all of the adapters offered on this page.

The system offers the advantage of enabling any adapter to be used on a single base plate. So once the base plate has been fitted, you can use any of the adapter plates shown here to suit your particular purpose - it‘s a flexible, well-designed system that is ideal for all kinds of trips’n’tours.The base plate and adapter are extremely sturdy, and mean that additional fuel cans, bottles etc. can be safely and securely attached without damaging or dirtying your other luggage.Made of stainless steel with all the necessary attachments and detailed fitting instructions. Suitable for all Zega Pro cases and the 35 and 41-l Zega cases.

3M relfective stripes

Zega Pro Flag Stickers Set